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Die Maker's Secret Revealed: The Rocklinizer

ROCKLINIZER equipment, using the ROCKLINIZING process, applies a hard and wear resistant surface of TUNGSTEN CARBIDE and ROCKHARD electrode material to metals, tools and dies.

The ROCKLINIZER electronically impregnates and deposits wear-resistant material both underneath and on top of metal surfaces.  Unlike welding or metal spraying, no appreciable heat is generated; and the electrode material will not separate or flake off the work tool die.  After ROCKLINIZING, no heat treatment, grinding or other surface treatment is necessary.

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The ROCKLINIZER comes in different models to meet your specific needs. 
Each Model Includes:  Power Supply, Applicator Gun, Electrode Package and Operating Instructions.




380/380E - Deposits up to .001"
26 lbs. (11.8 kg.)

Model 380 has variable discharge positions.


500/500E - Deposits up to .002"
33 lbs. (14.5 kg.)

Model 500 Applicator Gun is automatically triggered when electrode is placed in contact with work piece, or manually triggered by the operator.

This Rocklinizer Unit also available for rent!
Call for pricing - 1-800-276-5467


600/600E - Deposits up to .004"
49 lbs. (22.3 kg.)

Model 600 Applicator Gun is automatically triggered when electrode is placed in contact with work piece, or manually triggered by the operator.

110 - 120 volt (220 - 240 volt models available)

Read what one Rocklinizer user has to say about the product.


ROCKHARD electrodes build up materials, reclaim undersized tools by restoring tolerances, provide gripping on collets and clamping blocks, and maintain dimensions on bearings, shafts, and other metal surfaces.

TUNGSTEN CARBIDE is applied to high speed steel and other metal surfaces to prolong useful life and reduce wear.

Typical Applications for Metal Stampers:

The ROCKLINIZER is often referred to as the "add on" machine.  Key die details are often protected from premature wear by using The ROCKLINIZER.  Each stroke of the press theoretically takes away a portion of the tooling.  Now there is a way to combat this phenomena.  Typical applications for metal stampers include:

  • Control Slug Pulling - by applying stripes of tungsten carbide evenly inside the die cavity to provide resistance for the slug riding back up on the punch.
  • Increased Die Life - apply to top surface of die for longer wear.
  • Increased Punch Life - add tungsten carbide to the entire punch surface for longer wear.
  • Improve Part Quality - by controlling the clearance between punch and die.
  • Shimming Details - perfect for precise adjustment and alignment.
  • Draw Beads - The Rockhard electrode deposits a deliberately rough finish to increase both the effectiveness and size of a draw bead.

Method: Apply to the area which is getting the wear.  This can be at positions A or B as shown or it can be at both positions.  Usually, for most types, the deposit is made on the sides (A) and then the face (B) is ground.  In this manner, worn areas can be built back to size without cutting away the entire worn portion of the punch or die.  Deposit can be from 0.0003 inches to 0.001 inches for wear resistance only, or 0.0001 inches to maximum for build-up.  Sometimes, deposit is made on face (B).  For best results, experiment with deposit location and amount.

How to Apply

The portable ROCKLINIZER allows wear prevention and maintenance to be easily performed in your plant - not just in the tool room.  Anywhere!

The ROCKLINIZER Beamed Thunderbolt Gun is automatically triggered when the electrode is placed in contact with the workpiece, or manually triggered by the operator.  Deposits are available from .0001" to .004" in a single application, controllable within .0001" by machine dial setting.

The ROCKLINIZER electronically applies electrode material by a spark deposition process.  Material is impregnated both underneath and on top of the workpiece surface.  Because no appreciable heat is generated, the temper of the workpiece is retained.  ROCKLINIZING is applied to new or reground and resharpened surfaces.

The Rocklinizer requires some applications discussion to configure it correctly for your requirements.  Please contact Stampers Store by email or phone to learn more about this valuable tool, including pricing, delivery and support.

Please use our contact form to send your request and we will call you ASAP, or call us toll free at 800-276-5467.


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